Penetrating Rust Inhibitor & Oil-based Paint Conditioner
Colourless, penetrating rust inhibitor & oil-based paint additive Rust inhibitor which penetrates deeply until it reaches the sound metal below Drives out moisture and air, stabilising the rust and preventing it from reforming Paint and wood stain additive for oil-based...
from €28.50 excl. VAT €23.17 incl. VAT
Rust Remover Jelly 500ml
€20.70 incl. VAT
Rust Remover Jelly 500ml
Nitromors Rust Remover Jelly removes rust from all metal objects. The non-drip gel is ideal for vertical application and suitable for use as a rust remover dip. This viscous liquid reacts with rust to leave a grey, ready-to-be-painted surface and...
€20.70 excl. VAT €16.83 incl. VAT
Rust Armour Aerosol 500ml
€18.50 incl. VAT
Rust Armour Aerosol 500ml
Nitromors Rust Armour protects surfaces from rust and corrosion whilst also providing an impermeable weatherproof layer that displaces moisture. This unique formula is ideal for coating tools and garden equipment. Nitromors Rust Armour leaves a clear, flexible, armour coating that...
€18.50 excl. VAT €15.04 incl. VAT
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