Glutolin FS Ready Mixed Exterior & Interior Fillers
-Ready-mix filler -Fibre-reinforced for high strength -Application thickness up to 5 mm -For indoor and outdoor useSize: 1kg, 4kg
from €6,50
Toupret Patch & Repair Ready to Use Interior Filler 1.5Kg
FOR GAPS, CRACKS, SCRATCHES & HOLES TOUPRET Patch & Repair Ready To Use filler is ready mixed for use on interior gaps, cracks, scratches and holes. Easy to sand, with minimal shrinkage and no need to spot prime. Won’t flash...
Toupret Quick Fill Lightweight Interior Ready Mixed Filler 1L
ONE COAT REPAIRS ON WALLS & CEILINGS QUICK FILL is fast drying and it provides a one coat fill with no shrinkage. It's very easy to sand and ready to paint from 30 minutes after application. There's no need to...
Toupret Quick Fill One Coat Exterior Filler 1L
€19,51 inc VAT: €24,00
Toupret Quick Fill One Coat Exterior Filler 1L
ONE COAT EXTERIOR REPAIRS  EXTERIOR QUICK FILL is a ready-to-use lightweight filler that It offers a one coat fill with no shrinkage and can be painted over in 1 hour. It is rich in resin for added strength. Overcoat with...
Toupret Ready to Use Interior Fillers
REPAIRS ON WALLS & CEILINGS  READY TO USE FILLER is ready mixed for use on interior surfaces, straight from the tub. It's very easy to sand down and it won't flash or grin, so there's no need to spot prime....
from €5,04
Toupret Fine Surface Interior Fillers
FOR FINE SMOOTHING OVER SMALL DEFECTS FINE SURFACE FILLER is ready-to-use for interior surfaces. It can be used over new or renovated substrates and offers an exceptionally smooth finish that helps to enhance the appearance of paint finishes. No need...
from €6,02
Toupret Ready Mixed Wood Fillers (Natural)
READY TO USE ON INTERIORS & EXTERIORS WOOD FILLER is ready-to-use and can be stained or painted with any type of conventional paint, varnish or stain after 24 hours. It can also be drilled and is very easy to sand....
from €5,04
Bartoline Multi-Purpose Linseed Oil Putty (Natural) 500g
Bartoline Multi Purpose Linseed Oil Putty is a traditional blend of high-quality linseed oil and fillers, used for generations. Specially formulated for glazing both wood and metal window frames and used by both the professional tradesman as well as the...
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