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Caparol AkkordRollspachtel Plaster 18kg
Caparol AkkordRollspachtel 18kg Tub Usage Ready-to-use, paste-like filler/Plaster with a very low weight, which can be applied with a paint roller and then smoothed down to zero with a smoothing disc or with a surface squeegee.Suitable for achieving surface qualities...
€63.90 incl. VAT
Caparol Amphibolin Universal Interior & Exterior Paint
Amphibolin is perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms inside and Masonry outside! Field of Application Multipurpose, emission-minimised and solvent-free exterior and interior paint with outstanding adhesive strength on nearly all substrates. The special formula reduces the writing effect (stress whitening) for tinted...
from €77.80 incl. VAT
Caparol CapaDIN High Opacity Contract Matt Paint
Caparol CapaDIN This product MUST be thinned by at least 20% Clean water and still get amazing Coverage!  Approved quality • Flat Matt interior paint 2.5% sheen.  Product Description Multi-purpose paint for coatings on interior walls and ceilings. Due to its easy application, CapaDIN...
€64.30 incl. VAT
Caparol CapaMAXX Highly Opaque Interior Wall & Ceiling Paint
Highly opaque, versatile interior paint for wall and ceiling coatings with a matt finish and optimum application properties. Ideal for use in prestigious work and living areas. Material Properties Emission minimised and solvent-free Free of fogging-active substances Water-thinnable, ecologically compatible,...
from €30.50 incl. VAT
Caparol CapaSilan Interior Emulsion 2.5% Sheen
Silicone resin based interior paint. Problem Solver for walls and ceilings subjected to intensive sidelight.  CapaSilan is an emission-minimised and solvent-free, mineral matt, scrub-resistant interior paint with outstanding properties 2.5% sheen. Can be applied to Lime plasters and is highly breathable.  CapaSilan...
from €63.20 incl. VAT
Caparol Capatox Biocide Solution 5L
€16.80 incl. VAT
Caparol Capatox Biocide Solution 5L
Capatox Biocide solution for the pretreatment of algae, moss and fungus-infested surfaces. Field of Application Aqueous microbiocide solution for disinfection and supportive after cleaning from algae, moss and mold on external and internal surfaces before subsequent coatings. Material Properties Product...
€16.80 incl. VAT
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Caparol Haftprimer High Opacity Adhesion Primer/Undercoat
Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion promoting primer/Undercoat for bare and existing paint coatings, enamel coats, wood, zinc/galvanised surfaces, unplasticised (rigid) PVC, aluminium, copper and many other problematical substrates before applying acrylic enamels(PU-Matt/Satins/Gloss) Material Properties Water-thinnable. Interior & Exterior use. Ecologically compatible. Excellent...
from €19.99 incl. VAT
Caparol Premium Clean Stain Resistant Emulsion Paint
Caparol Premiumclean Scrub/Stain Resistant Flat Matt 6% Sheen.       Interior use Only. Perfect coating for areas subjected to higher mechanical loads which must occasionally be cleaned. In spite of the dull matt surface, normal soiling in domestic areas is...
from €81.00 incl. VAT
Caparol PU Matt Interior Wood & Metal Paint
Water-thinnable polyurethane-acrylic enamel for professional coatings for use inside on primed wood as well as on primed metal and hard PVC. Material Properties Water-Based Silky Matt finish Low odour Smooth, levelling system  Easy Flow  Sprayable  Resistant to household cleaners Material...
from €17.60 incl. VAT
Caparol PU Satin Interior & Exterior Wood & Metal Paint
This High-grade Waterbased intermediate and finishing coat enamel for primed, wood, primed metals and rigid PVC, in the exteriors and interiors.  Material Properties Water-thinnable. Low odour. Elegant and easy application. Non-blocking. High scratch resistance and shock strength. Diffusion-capable. Resistant to...
from €18.90 incl. VAT
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