PAINT LAB Hydro Plus Masking Paper Rolls
“PAINT LAB Hydro Plus” quality paper rolls! Kraft virgin paper, with excellent strength and porosity characteristics. For surface masking use Surface protection from paint ,dust and dirt To mask (cover and protect) minor surfaces such as frames, skirting boards, window...
from €1,94
Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film Single Rolls
Special protection treatment against overspray and flaking Prevents liquids and paint bleeding Static cling allows safe placing even in windy conditions Ideal for spray painting and multi-coat paint applications   Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film is a resistant masking film...
Q1 Pre Taped Masking Papers
The ideal solution for protecting surfaces against paint splatters or drips, the Q1® Pre-taped Masking Paper is for interior use during any painting and decorating project. Measuring 180mm X 25m and 300mm X 25m, it is the right size for...
from €4,07
Blue Dolphin Anti-Dust Single Door Curtain 1m x 2.15m
€12,93 inc VAT: €15,90
Blue Dolphin Anti-Dust Single Door Curtain 1m x 2.15m
Our Anti-dust Zip Door is a heavy duty reusable polyurethane zipper door for separation of rooms during construction and decorating projects, ideal for when spray painting. The Anti-dust Zip Door prevents the spread of dust, spray, and asbestos particles beyond...
3M Hand-Masker Masking Film Plus AMF99 99"
€14,63 inc VAT: €17,99
3M Hand-Masker Masking Film Plus AMF99 99"
72" x 90 feet 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Film Plus (72 inch x 90 feet) is pre-Folded, high-density, non-porous film for paint masking and paint overspray protection. Flake resistant for multiple coat use. May be used with lacquers. Non-porous film material...
Q1 Cover All Dust Sheet (4m x 25m)
€5,37 inc VAT: €6,61
Q1 Cover All Dust Sheet (4m x 25m)
Fast and easy unfolding Provides furniture and floor protection from overspray, dust and spills Ideal for properly covering and draping goods in storage Excellent adherence on all surfaces The perfect solution for rapid coverage of large areas, the Q1® Cover All...
Q1 Pre Taped Washi Films
from €6,75 inc VAT: €8,30
Q1 Pre Taped Washi Films
Pre-taped with Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape, this electrostatically treated masking film prevents over-spray flaking and drips, which means you can re-coat and clean up with complete confidence during any paint application. Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large...
from €6,75
Q1 Masking Film & Paper Dispensers
Serrated blade to cut both tape and film Makes masking faster Two sizes for core lengths of 10cm and 20cm Keeps film and tape in pristine condition between projects Make masking with pre-taped film easy with the Q1® disposable masking film...
from €3,66
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