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Hydro Plus Masking Paper Roll
DESCRIPTION “PAINTLAB Hydro Plus” quality paper reels; 1st kraft virgin paper, with excellent strength and porositycharacteristics for use as a surface masker.APLICATIONSSurface protection of traces of paint ,dust and varied dirt.To mask (cover and protect) minor surfaces such as frames...
from €2.60 incl. VAT
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Hydro Plus Masking Paper Rolls (Trade Bulk)
“PAINT LAB Hydro Plus” quality paper rolls! Kraft virgin paper, with excellent strength and porosity characteristics. For surface masking use Surface protection from paint ,dust and dirt To mask (cover and protect) minor surfaces such as frames, skirting boards, window...
€19.40 from €17.50
Hydro Plus Pre Taped Masking Paper Rolls
Product made by the continuous adhesion of a masking tape to a paper roll.The tape is masking car-repair quality, solvent based;The paper is virgin Plus quality.APPLICATIONProtection of surfaces from agents like powder, general dust and paint drops.Masking and protecting floors...
from €5.99 incl. VAT
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Log Cabin Exterior Complete Painting Kit
Introducing our all-inclusive kit designed to make painting your log cabin exterior a breeze! Every item in this kit has been carefully selected by our team of painting experts to ensure you get the best results. We take pride in...
€122.90 from €110.00
Pre Taped Hand Tearable Films
This product is formed by the continuous adhesion of a masking tape to a previously folded film. The adhesive part is a painting / body work crêpe masking tape, with solvent based rubber; The film is a high density polyethylene...
from €4.50 incl. VAT
Recycling Masking Paper Rolls
Recycling Masking Paper RollSize: 12" (30cm) x 45m & 6" (15cm) x 45m
from €2.30 incl. VAT
Roller Squeegee
€7.60 incl. VAT
Roller Squeegee
The Incredible Roller Squeegee Best Roller Cleaner on the Market. No more struggling on your next clean up! The Roller Squeegee will work with any size roller nap and the rounded design will not damage the roller nap.  No other...
€7.60 incl. VAT
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