Glutofill WF Powdered Interior Fillers
Interior filler With methyl cellulose For filling cracks and holes and for smoothing out uneven substrates Easy to sand 60-minute working life Reaction to fi re: A1 CE-compliant to EN 13963-3B and EN 13279-1 (gypsum plaster for filling surfaces C7/20/2)...
from €2,44
Toupret Rock Solid Mur Ex Exterior Repair Filler 2Kg
€17,40 inc VAT: €21,40
Toupret Rock Solid Mur Ex Exterior Repair Filler 2Kg
EXTREME DURABILITY & ADHESION ON ANY SUBSTRATE  EXTERIOR ROCK SOLID REPAIR FILLER is extremely durable and will adhere to any substrate for filling and repairs with no depth limit. It sets to a rock hard finish and can be overcoated...
Toupret TX110 Quick Dry Interior Fillers
QUICK REPAIRS ON WALLS & CEILINGS QUICK DRY FILLER for interior surfaces can be overcoated in 3 hours with any conventional paint or wallpaper. It can be filled to any depth without shrinking and offers exceptional adhesion with excellent shaping...
from €7,48
Toupret Masonry Repair Filler 1.5Kg
€11,71 inc VAT: €14,40
Toupret Masonry Repair Filler 1.5Kg
CAN BE APPLIED TO DAMP MASONRY EXTERIOR MASONRY REPAIR FILLER will fill without depth limit and repair without formwork. It will adhere to damp masonry and is weather resistant. It's also easy to shape. Can be used on all rough...
Toupret Patch & Repair Quick Dry Interior Filler 1Kg
€7,15 inc VAT: €8,79
Toupret Patch & Repair Quick Dry Interior Filler 1Kg
FOR GAPS, CRACKS, SCRATCHES & HOLES  TOUPRET Patch & Repair Quick Dry filler is suitable for gaps, cracks, scratches and holes on interior surfaces. Ready to overpaint in just 3 hours. Easy to sand, with no shrinkage, no depth limit...
Toupret Wood Repair Filler 1Kg
€11,79 inc VAT: €14,50
Toupret Wood Repair Filler 1Kg
EASY TO SHAPE & QUICK DRYING ON INTERIORS & EXTERIORS  WOOD REPAIR FILLER is quick drying powder wood filler. It can be stained or painted with any type of conventional paint, varnish or stain after 3 hours. It has no...
Sold Out
Glutofill WG Powdered Bonding Interior Filler 5kg
Premium indoor bonding filler Synthetic resin-modified and fibre-reinforced For all gypsum plasterboard systems to EN 13963 For full-surface smoothing and for filling cracks and holes For filling stress-free gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard assemblies, even without scrim reinforcement 45-minute working...
€13,41 €10,73
Toupret Powdered Interior Fillers
REPAIRS ON WALLS & CEILINGS  INTERIOR FILLER offers a one coat fill and can be filled to any depth. With no need to spot prime, it's easy to sand and won't flash or grin, shrink or slump. Suitable for internal...
from €11,22
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