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Zinsser Perma-White Mould Resistant Interior Paint
Perma-White® mould resistant interior paint contains a biocode that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation*. The paint film is designed to resist cracking, peeling and blistering for up to 7 years before first maintenance.Perma-White® bonds to existing solvent-based or...
from €29.95 incl. VAT
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Bartoline Bitcote Black Bitumen Waterproofing Paint
Introducing Bartoline Bitcote Superior Black Bitumen Paint, the ultimate choice for high-quality bitumen solutions in both retail and trade sectors. Renowned for decades as a brand leader, Bartoline Bitcote is formulated from meticulously selected bitumens dissolved in a proprietary petroleum...
€15.99 incl. VAT
Juno Junosol Water-Based Floor & Driveway Paint
High-Performance Water-Based Floor Paint Juno Junosol Water-Based Floor & Driveway Paint is a premium, one-pack paint with exceptional adhesion and abrasion resistance. Formulated with styrene acrylic resins, this paint provides remarkable hardness and an anti-dust effect, making it perfect for...
from €0.00 incl. VAT
Juno Luna High Build Masonry Paint
Matt high build masonry coating with anti-mould protection. Formulated with styrene-acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion with excellent mechanical properties and permeable to water vapour, allowing moisture and air to be released. Recommended for the protection and decoration of mineral surfaces...
€125.90 incl. VAT
Juno Bikril Acrylic-Vinyl Masonry Paint
from €15.99 incl. VAT
Juno Bikril Acrylic-Vinyl Masonry Paint
Bikril is an exterior quality emulsion paint based on water-dispersed acryl-vinyl resins. Waterproof, alkali resistant with water vapor permeable and UV radiation resistant properties. Bikril has anticarbonation properties, and contains anti-mould agent for total protection. Bikril is suitable for use...
from €15.99 incl. VAT
Juno Junoprof Interior Washable Matt Emulsion
Calibrated premium quality interior emulsion designed for Junomatic Tintometric System, with anti-mould preservatives. Formulated for use on walls and ceilings. Junoprof is based on acrylic copolymers dispersed in aqueous medium. Thousands of colors available via Junomatic Tinting System. Low odour...
from €13.80 incl. VAT
Caparol Amphibolin Universal Interior & Exterior Paint
Amphibolin is perfect for Kitchens and Bathrooms inside and Masonry outside! Field of Application Multipurpose, emission-minimised and solvent-free exterior and interior paint with outstanding adhesive strength on nearly all substrates. The special formula reduces the writing effect (stress whitening) for tinted...
from €77.80 incl. VAT
Juno Silicato Highly Breathable Masonry Paint
Silicato is a mineral paint formulated using potassium silicate binder, pureinorganic fillers and natural earth oxides producing a lightfast, breathable andextremely durable mineral matt surface finish. Silicato is inherently compatiblewith concrete substrates and forms a strong permanent chemical bondbetween the...
from €73.50 incl. VAT

Interior Concrete Paint

Discover the transformative power of Interior Concrete Paint from Paintlab, designed to revitalize your indoor concrete floors with style, durability, and ease. Whether it's for a home renovation or a commercial upgrade, our specially formulated paint brings new life to any concrete surface.

Benefits of Indoor Concrete Paint

This coating type delivers significant advantages, optimizing both the appearance and resilience of interior surfaces:

  • Durability: Crafted to withstand heavy foot traffic, mechanical wear, and chemical spills, ensuring longevity and resilience.

  • Aesthetic Versatility: With a wide selection of colors and finishes, you can achieve the exact look and feel that fits your space, from sleek and modern to warm and inviting.

  • Moisture Resistance: Our paint creates a barrier that prevents moisture penetration, crucial for basements and other areas prone to dampness.

Our Range of Interior Concrete Paint

Paintlab prides itself on offering a diverse palette of Interior Concrete Paint options to meet any design requirement:

  • Color Choices: From neutral tones to bold hues, our colors transform plain concrete into a beautiful flooring option.

  • Finishes: Choose from matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finishes to reflect your personal style and practical needs.

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: We provide low-VOC paints to ensure a safer environment for your home or business.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Interior Concrete Paint

Achieving professional-quality results with our Interior Concrete Paint is easy with this straightforward process:

  1. Surface Preparation: Clean the concrete thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or existing coatings. Ensure the surface is completely dry.

  2. Priming: Apply a suitable primer to enhance adhesion and extend the lifespan of the coating.

  3. Paint Application: Use a roller or brush to apply the first coat of Interior Concrete Paint evenly. Allow it to dry fully before applying a second coat for more uniform coverage and richer color.

Interior Concrete Paint Price

We offer Interior Concrete Paint at competitive prices, reflecting the premium quality of our selection. Costs vary depending on the type and quantity required, but we strive to provide options that accommodate various budgets while delivering exceptional value. This approach ensures that you not only receive high-quality coverage but also enjoy significant financial flexibility for your project needs.

Why Choose Paintlab for Interior Concrete Paint

Choosing Paintlab means opting for a partner dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Expertise: With years of industry experience, we understand the specific needs associated with indoor concrete painting.

  • Quality Commitment: Our paints are formulated using only the best ingredients to guarantee performance and durability.

  • Customer-Centric Service: From color selection to application advice, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


For your next indoor flooring project, trust Paintlab's Interior Concrete Paint to deliver not just a paint solution, but a complete transformation of your space. Our products promise beauty, durability, and a professional finish that will make your indoor areas shine. Choose Paintlab for a seamless experience from start to finish, ensuring that your investment enhances the value and appeal of your property.

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