Based on 117 reviews
A quality product from a quality supplier.

I ordered my Staalmeester brush from Paintlab and was delighted with its smooth performance.

Choice of professionals

The silver tip works great for emulsion and waterbased satin etc . But thus brush is a game changer when using oil based topcoat. Or emulsion dark colours .
Still the best on the market I've used them all.

For the industry I am in, these rollers are hard to beat and hard to find here but paint lab always have a good stock of them and have a quick delivery time.
A very happy customer here.


Extremely hard to get the roller sleeve off of the frame. I have used dolphin sleeves on it, and I thought they would be easy to remove..The reason it got 1 star is,it looks good. Not buying again..

Dust Eater Cleaning Pad
One fussy bloke & Co.
Wooster Dust Eater

Handy tool to have to hand , simply does as its named eats Dust to complete a proper process when decorating

Optiva 3

Great paint. Perfect finish & great coverage!

Very handy re usable door system for quick zip wall system, keep the dust in the work area ..... job done 👌

For such light weight paper it is far stronger than any heavier weight paper out there , super product and value for money !

Simply the best tape to stick to all surfaces and giving great results as always !

Not a bad brush,used it in oil Gloss & Eggshell bristles bit too soft for me personally.
I would have no problem using it in Varnish,waterbased,stain or emulsion

Furniture Top Oil
Alexandra Pud
Highly recommend

Absolutely great product, couldn’t recommend enough. I used Terra color and this is absolutely gorgeous one - earthy and warm. One layer was enough for me.

amazing product

tape is sticky
paint doesn't pass the paper


very nice product
tape very sticky

Best sleeves on the market

High quality sleeves with an excellent finish. I wouldn't use anythelse

first time using a sprayer

very happy with the gx21 sprayer. came with good instuctions (and videos also available on youtube) it was my first time using a paint sprayer. was able to paint all walls and ceilings in a 120m2 house in 3 days. was a new build so before floors/elec fixtures/radiators went in. used less paint and the much less effort involved (even when factoring in masking off doors and windows and cleaing the sprayer).


I can’t believe how good those roller sleeves are the best finish I’ve seen in a sleeve so far fast delivery highly recommend

I found the products to be of good quality and

they certainly do the job. Orders were filled efficiently and pick up was easy.
Thank you

Paint Lab.

very impressed with my graco quick shot just did a kitchen units with it
so easy to use .I recommend it

Masking tape

Good tape and value for money

Masking film

Very pleased with product, good quality

Minimise cleanup

I had a two-day paint job this weekend, and the pain poncho allows me to keep the brushes and rollers wet and ready for the next days painting - no more clean-up every day. Great product.

The joy of simple clean up

Paint kettle liners take so much of the pain away from the post-paint clean-up - I wouldn't want to live without these.
And the paint kettle is a game changer. I love the magnet that holds the brush against the edge.

The joy of simple clean up

Paint tray liners take so much of the pain away from the post-paint clean-up - I wouldn't want to live without these.

Top class

Great job and last a lot longer than the type you would pick up in the paintshop. Price is also value for money.

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