Painters Combo Brush Cleaner
€11.99 incl. VAT
Painters Combo Brush Cleaner
Two-sided tool improves paintbrush cleaning Non-rusting brass bristles gently remove heavy paint buildup Stainless steel comb has 10 pins to speed the wash and rinse steps; also reshapes the paintbrush prior to storage Overall 8” length
€11.99 excl. VAT €9.75 incl. VAT
Zinsser BIN Brush Cleaner and Restorer
Remove Zinsser® B-I-N® and most types of dried-on paint from brushes with ease using B-I-N® Brush Cleaner and Restorer. This product contains powerful detergents that break down paint for an ultra clean finish. The world's first truly universal cleaner and...
from €11.80 excl. VAT €9.59 incl. VAT
Paragon White Spirits
Petersons paragon white spirit, ideally used as paint thinner and as a brush and equipment cleaner. Petroleum solvent, ideal as a thinner for paint Also used as a brush and equipment cleaner
from €3.70 excl. VAT €3.01 incl. VAT
Sold Out
Wet Brush Protectors (Pack 5)
€8.70 incl. VAT
Wet Brush Protectors (Pack 5)
Includes 5 Paint Ponchos Made with Eco friendly EVA plastic for greater durability Elastic pull cord and spring lock allow for easy use and reuse Innovative shape provides a wide opening for easy placement of painting tools with less mess...
€8.70 excl. VAT €7.07 incl. VAT
Sold Out
Methylated Spirit 5L
€35.50 incl. VAT
Methylated Spirit 5L
Bartoline Methylated Spirit is traditionally used as a fuel for alcohol burners, fondues and camping stoves. This product is completely denatured alcohol and should not be confused with industrial denatured alcohol or trade specific denatured alcohol in accordance with The...
€35.50 excl. VAT €28.86 incl. VAT
Mineralised Methylated Spirit
For thinning French polish, cleaning brushes after knotting, cleaning glassware and more. Can be used as a fuel in certain lamps. (Always check lamp instructions before use). Size: 500ml, 2L
from €5.99 excl. VAT €4.87 incl. VAT
Standard Thinners 5L
€20.90 incl. VAT
Standard Thinners 5L
5 Litre Standard thinners solvent for use with cellulose paints. It offers good drying times and is faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners. Suitable for thinning, removal of cellulose paints and cleaning of equipment.
€20.90 excl. VAT €16.99 incl. VAT
Seal & Save Wrapper for Wet Paint Brushes and Roller Sleeves (10 Pack)
Do you need a paint roller and paint-brush storage that prevents drying out? would you prefer to save time, effort, and Mess with fewer clean-ups? do you want to extend the life of your paint tools? Paint tools stay fresh...
€8.60 excl. VAT €6.99 incl. VAT
Paint Brush Cleaner 500ml
€6.20 incl. VAT
Paint Brush Cleaner 500ml
A spirit-based cleaner containing emulsifiers enabling wet household paint and varnish to be efficiently cleaned from brushes, roller and pads.
€6.20 excl. VAT €5.04 incl. VAT
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