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BD 60 Day Ultra Premium Washi Painters Masking Tape
Blue Dolphin Washi Tape is a super-premium Rice Paper tape that performs phenomenally on interior surfaces. The ultra-thin backing blocks paint bleeding and creates razor-sharp paint lines for crisp, professional edging like no other painter’s tape.    FEATURES & BENEFITS: Razor...
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Fome Flex Aquastop Synthetic Paintable Rubber Sealant Reinforced with Fibers 300ml (Clear)
High quality synthetic rubber sealant reinforced with fibers. This sealant is used for used for quick emergency repairs of roofs, drains, facades and boats. The unique formula of this fiber-reinforced sealant allows it to harden immediately after application even under...
€10.80 incl. VAT
Paint Lab Hydro Plus Masking Paper Roll
DESCRIPTION “PAINTLAB Hydro Plus” quality paper reels; 1st kraft virgin paper, with excellent strength and porositycharacteristics for use as a surface masker.APLICATIONSSurface protection of traces of paint ,dust and varied dirt.To mask (cover and protect) minor surfaces such as frames...
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Q1 Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape
Seven day clean removal Multiple surfaces 3415 Q1® Multi Purpose Indoor Masking Tape is a semi crepe paper masking tape with natural rubber based adhesive. This tape is designed for almost all indoor paint works, so it’s not UV and water...
from €2.40 incl. VAT
Osmo Interior Wood Wax Finish
ALL ROUND PROTECTION FOR THE INTERIOR Suitable for all interior use Wood grain remains visible with transparent tones and wood grain can be hidden with intensive tones Very durable and hardwearing Water and dirt resistant Resistant to common liquid spillages...
from €2.90 incl. VAT
Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film Rolls
Special protection treatment against overspray and flaking Prevents liquids and paint bleeding Static cling allows safe placing even in windy conditions Ideal for spray painting and multi-coat paint applications   Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film is a resistant masking film...
from €11.20 incl. VAT
Osmo Natural Oil Exterior Wood Stain
INNOVATIVE AND DURABLE PROTECTION Base and top coat in one finish Fast drying Natural wood grain remains visible Extremely weather and UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Resistant against algae, mould, mildew and fungal attack Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage...
from €2.90 incl. VAT
Osmo Polyx Original Tint Floor Oil
SLIGHTLY TINTED TO PERFECTION Protects and colours with wood grain visible Harmonious appearance Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s toys Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack,...
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Wooster Pelican Hand Held Paint Kettle Liners (3 Pack)
Rigid, form-fitting liners are great for quick color changes, disposable for instant cleanup Liners made of clear, solvent-resistant PET, a recycled plastic
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Graco FFLP Fine Finish Low Pressure RAC X Spray Tip (Green)
Spray at up to 50% lower pressure with the Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) 410 Fine Finish Low Pressure (FF LP) RAC X SwitchTip. This fine finish tip produces a 20-25 cm (8 to 10 in.) fan pattern and a 0.010 inch orifice,...
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Paint Lab Painters Pro Floor Protection Paper Rolls
Introducing the Paint Lab Painters Pro Floor Protection Paper Roll – your best friend during home renovations and painting projects. Made with top-notch materials, this innovative paper is like a shield for your floors and surfaces, keeping them safe from...
€33.20 incl. VAT
TFB 4" Microfiber Mini Paint Roller Sleeves
5mm Nap Roller Sleeve: Achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun, these rollers allow painters to transform old kitchens and furniture at a seriously low cost. A smooth finish has never been easier to achieve, particularly in tighter spots...
from €8.60 incl. VAT
Indasa Rhynosoft Hand Sanding Abrasive Pads (20 Pack)
INDASA Rhynosoft Hand Sanding Abrasive Pads are Ideal for hand sanding hard to access areas.Application Suggestions Dry sanding. Sanding and finishing of primers, top coats and clear coats. Sanding and finishing of composite materials. Sanding and finishing of wooden surfaces...
€13.99 incl. VAT
Q1 Pre Taped Washi Film Roll
from €6.60 incl. VAT
Q1 Pre Taped Washi Film Roll
Pre-taped with Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape, this electrostatically treated masking film prevents over-spray flaking and drips, which means you can re-coat and clean up with complete confidence during any paint application. Ideal for quickly and easily masking both large...
from €6.60 incl. VAT
BD High Performance Masking Tape
This professional universal painting tape is mainly used for masking works during painting and plastering, protecting the painted surface for up to 7 days. The tape leaves no residue on the surfaces. It consists of impregnated, tear-resistant and strong paper,...
from €1.90 incl. VAT
BD 14 Day Blue Painters Masking Tape
Blue Dolphin Blue Painter’s Tape is the best interior tape for professionals and DIY'ers looking for clean edges and excellent result. Our medium tack SmartSKIN™ technology combined with the thin crepe paper, prevents paint bleeding and leaves no residue for...
from €2.80 incl. VAT
Oldfields Pro Series Oval Angle Sash Paint Brushes
E4 Mark II designer filament is formulated to lead the market by providing excellent paint coverage and the best professional paint finish on all surfaces. Created for the professional painter, the blend is a fusion of quality synthetic filaments that...
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Snickers 6241 AllroundWork, Stretch Painters Trousers Holster Pockets
Workwear goes street smart in these stretchy work trousers that feature slimmer legs for a clean look. Stretch CORDURA® at the knees combined with 4-way stretch at the back provide great flexibility and comfort. Holster pockets for added functionality.Fit: SlimWhite...
€109.99 incl. VAT
Osmo Polyx Original Floor Oil
THE ORIGINAL HARDWAX-OIL HIGH SOLID: Extremely durable and hardwearing Very water, dirt and abrasion resistant Enhances the wood’s natural character Highly resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s...
from €2.90 incl. VAT