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Indasa Rhynosoft Hand Sanding Abrasive Pads (20 Pack)
INDASA Rhynosoft Hand Sanding Abrasive Pads are Ideal for hand sanding hard to access areas.Application Suggestions Dry sanding. Sanding and finishing of primers, top coats and clear coats. Sanding and finishing of composite materials. Sanding and finishing of wooden surfaces...
€13.99 incl. VAT
BD Sanding Abrasive Blocks
Introducing Blue Dolphin Sanding Abrasive Blocks, your ultimate solution for achieving smooth and refined surfaces effortlessly. Crafted with high-quality silicon carbide grain, these abrasive blocks offer durability and aggressive sanding power, ensuring efficient results every time. Perfect for sanding edges,...
€1.10 incl. VAT
BD Sanding Abrasive Pads (2 Pack)
Introducing the Blue Dolphin Sanding Abrasive Pads, your ultimate solution for achieving flawless surfaces effortlessly. Crafted with precision using top-grade silicon carbide, these abrasive pads boast unparalleled durability and aggressive abrasiveness to tackle even the toughest sanding tasks with ease....
€1.60 incl. VAT
Indasa Rhynalox PlusLine Sandpaper Rolls 115mm x 10m
Indasa Rhynalox latex backed aluminium oxide sanding roll, suitable for multipurpose usage. Features & Benefits - Highly resistant backing - Crease & tear resistant High initial cutting action - Rapid stock removal For use on -  Old paint Fibre glass...
€11.10 incl. VAT
Indasa Rhynalox PlusLine Sandpaper Rolls 115mm x 50m
The Rhynalox Plusline sandpaper roll is a high performance abrasive material with aluminium oxide abrasive grain. The abrasive has a durable latex backing paper which is both crease and tear resistant and is also very flexible. This abrasive has an...
€50.10 incl. VAT
Indasa 8500 Series Scuff Nylon Web Hand Pads (20 Pack)
Indasa Nylon Scuff Web Hand Pads (8500) are perfect for the marine and automotive refinishing industry. New and improved to offer longer lasting working lifetime and consistent finish.Use for keying and scuffing panels prior to paint, keying plastics, scuffing lacquers,...
€17.60 incl. VAT
Resto Pole Sander Head
€18.50 incl. VAT
Resto Pole Sander Head
For use with 1200mm (4") Steel Pole (16571020). For use with sandpaper when smoothing all surfaces. The padded surface gives improved sanding of uneven and rough surfaces. Swivel head aids sanding of walls and ceilings. Simple wing nut for easy...
€18.50 incl. VAT
BD Sanding Angle Abrasive Block
Premium Quality: Introducing our Blue Dolphin Sanding Angle Abrasive Block, expertly designed for superior performance. Durable & Aggressive Grain: Crafted with top-tier silicon carbide, ensuring durability and aggressive sanding capabilities. Versatile Applications: Perfectly suited for various materials, including: Wood Metal...
€1.40 incl. VAT
BD Hand Sanding Tool Refill (10 Pack)
Fits hand sanding wedge tool 4x150P, 2x120P, 2x100P, 2x80P sheets For use on drywall surfaces or filler, spackle, sheetrock
€5.20 incl. VAT
Mirka Handy Sanding Block with Extraction 80x230mm
€29.99 incl. VAT
Mirka Handy Sanding Block with Extraction 80x230mm
Dust free sanding is now a reality when using Abranet® abrasives combined with dust extraction. This 'D' handled hand sanding block with a 80 x 230mm hook and loop attachment pad from Mirka is light in weight and very comfortable...
€29.99 incl. VAT
Mirka Hose for Hand Sanding Blocks 20mm x 4m
€24.30 incl. VAT
Mirka Hose for Hand Sanding Blocks 20mm x 4m
This 20mm x 4 metre extraction hose is designed to fit the Mirka hand sanding blocks, although it will be suitable for other applications where a 20mm connection is present. A universal cone shaped fitting enables the fitting of the...
€24.30 incl. VAT
Indasa Rhynosoft Sanding Roll Box 115mm x 25m
Size:115mm x 25 MetresProduct Key features High flexibility backing Sponge Pre-cut or rolls Modified flexible synthetic resins Anti-Clogging Lubricating layer Machine or hand sanding Wet or Dry Operations Rolls allow exact length needed for the job Sponge Backing prevents over-sanding...
€59.30 incl. VAT
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