Indasa Scuff Web Hand Pads 8500 Series (20 Pack)

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Indasa Nylon Scuff Web Hand Pads (8500) are perfect for the marine and automotive refinishing industry. New and improved to offer longer lasting working lifetime and consistent finish.Use for keying and scuffing panels prior to paint, keying plastics, scuffing lacquers, top coats and primers before painting, finishing lacquers and paints, fiberglass, gelcoat and composite materials, metal and wood coatings.Adaptable to shapes, web construction helps prevent over sanding. Usable on both sides and for both wet or dry sanding.Available in Coarse (Green), Medium (Burgundy), Fine (Gray), and Very Fine (White).


  • Extremely flexible and tear resistant

  • Web construction helps prevent over sanding

  • May be used for wet or dry sanding


  • Abrasive impregnated Nylon web

  • Coarse (Green), Medium (Burgundy), Fine (Gray), Very Fine (White)

  • 6" x 9" pads, 20 per box


  • Coarse (Green): Cleaning

  • Medium (Burgundy): Keying and scuffing panels prior to paint, keying plastics

  • Fine (Gray): Scuffing lacquers, top coats and primers before painting; keying clear coats

  • Very Fine (White): Finishing lacquers and paints (note: no longer available in the US)

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