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Walther Strong H20 Prime & Liquid Maskings
NOW 2-In-1 Primer and Liquid Mask is available in 1L & 5L *NEW* H20 PRIME & MASK BENEFITS Paint & Peel Extremely fast Clean removal Dual purpose primer & peelable mask Can be sprayed, rolled or brush applied Perfect for...
€184.50 from €44.00
Zinsser Coverstain Oil Based Adhesion Primer & Wood Sealer
Cover Stain is an all-purpose solvent-based, stain-killing, primer-sealer. Ideal for interior and exterior applications. Re-coat in only two hours. May be used under any solvent-based or water-based topcoat. Up to 9.8m2 coverage per litre on most surfaces. Cover Stain is...
from €21.70 incl. VAT
Zinsser Peel Stop Clear Binding Primers
Peel Stop is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking is a problem. Use indoors or out to form a breathable membrane over questionable or faulty substrates. Peel Stop tightly bonds to old paint...
from €15.70 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Otex Solvent-Based Adhesion Primer
Otex This special primer is designed to stick to and seal previously unpainted wood, metal, ceramic tiles, melamine, PVC, glass, MDF, and previously painted surfaces.  When you use this primer you are guaranteed optimum adhesion (once your surface is clean...
from €35.99 incl. VAT
Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Adhesion Primer
Bulls Eye 123 is our classic universal interior and exterior, water-based, primer-sealer. It offers low odour application, quick drying convenience and excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces.Bulls Eye 123 is our classic universal interior and exterior, water-based, primer-sealer. It offers low...
from €26.99 incl. VAT
Zinsser Coverstain Oil Based Adhesion Primer & Wood Sealer Aerosol 400ml
Cover Stain aerosol dries quickly and provides outstanding stain killing and undercoating performance. Especially effective on nicotine and water stains. Dries in just 35 minutes and can be recoated in 2 hours. Cover Stain aerosol dries quickly and provides outstanding...
€14.30 incl. VAT
Zinsser Bin Aqua Water Based Primer & Sealer
B-I-N® AQUA is the ultimate water-based primer, sealer, stain killer and odour blocker. The high hiding formulation offers exceptional adhesion, without the need for sanding, and is ideal for both interior and exterior use. B-I-N® AQUA effectively primes, seals, blocks...
from €41.50 incl. VAT
Caparol Haftprimer High Opacity Adhesion Primer/Undercoat
Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion promoting primer/Undercoat for bare and existing paint coatings, enamel coats, wood, zinc/galvanised surfaces, unplasticised (rigid) PVC, aluminium, copper and many other problematical substrates before applying acrylic enamels(PU-Matt/Satins/Gloss) Material Properties Water-thinnable. Interior & Exterior use. Ecologically compatible. Excellent...
from €52.60 incl. VAT
Juno Natursell Quick Dry Water-based Wood Primer Undercoat
Quick dry water-based wood primer undercoat.Natursell is a water-based, high opacity, dual purposeprimer undercoat for interior and exterior woodwork,Formulated with acrylic resins in aqueous dispersionwith great resistance and high opacity. Cleaning and dilution with water.Ideal for use as a primer...
from €19.90 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Finngard Exterior Uni Primer
Finngard Exterior Uni Primer - Improves adhesion and colour consistency. Waterborne, acrylic primer paint for facade – strengthens the structure of the substrate, reduces and evens absorbency, unifies colors, improves adhesion of the topcoat facade paint For Interior or Exterior...
from €42.99 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Oljypohja Exterior Wood Oil Primer
Matt, solvent-based primer for the treatment of bare, brittle and weathered exterior wood. Oljypohja is an alkyd microporous wood primer suitable for application to new and previously painted timber prior to overcoating with Tikkurila topcoats. Oljypohja is fully tintable to...
from €22.99 incl. VAT
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Osmo WR Base Undercoat 4001 Clear 2.5L
EVEN MORE PROTECTION Extremely water repellent Resistant to blue stain, rot and insect attack Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage No future application necessary SURFACE PREPARATION Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 20%). Osmo WR Base...
€87.50 incl. VAT
Juno Mineral Primer
€79.99 incl. VAT
Juno Mineral Primer
Formulation based on Potassium Silicate solutions and acrylic emulsions, suitable for the treatment of absorbent and poorly consolidated mineral surfaces.Used to strengthen sandy and porous mineral-based plasters and to regulate extremely absorbent surfaces or surfaces with varying degrees of absorbency....
€79.99 incl. VAT
Juno Waterprim Antioxidant Adhesion Primer
All-purpose waterbased antioxidant adhesion primer.Formulated with acrylic copolymers and anti-corrosivepigments of great durability. Unique in offering anticorrosiveproperties. Contains low VOC levels and offersquick drying time.For interior and exterior applications. Waterprim offers excellent adhesion on hard to paintinterior and exterior substrates...
from €18.10 incl. VAT
Juno Hangers Quick Dry Syntheric Wood Primer Undercoat 4L
€82.20 incl. VAT
Juno Hangers Quick Dry Syntheric Wood Primer Undercoat 4L
High opacity synthetic wood primer.A quick-dry primer and undercoat for most interior andexterior new or bare wood surfaces. Provides the bestpossible adhesion and evens up variable absorption,giving a uniform surface for the finishing system. Recommended for preparing wooden and masonrysurfaces....
€82.20 incl. VAT
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