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Are Oldfields Brushes Good? Top Reviews of Our Customers

When it comes to a flawless finish, Oldfields brushes have consistently proven to be the top choice for professional painters and DIY enthusiasts alike. At our Paintlab store, specializing in paints and wall painting products, we are proud to offer Oldfields brushes, a choice that consistently wins the hearts of professional house painters and DIY enthusiasts alike. To shed some light on the exceptional quality and performance of these brushes, here are some of the best testimonials from our satisfied customers.

1. Durability that has been proven over the years

Oldfields brushes are known for their durability. This is not the kind of tool that wears out after a few uses. Our customers have expressed satisfaction with the durability of these brushes, saying that they stand up to heavy use even in demanding projects. 

One reviewer noted, "I've been using the Oldfields brush repeatedly for two years now and it's still like new.. It's a worthy investment." The ability of Oldfields brushes to resist wear and tear is one of the reasons they come highly recommended by our customers.

2. Precision and flawless coverage

Customer reviews often mention the precision and exceptional paint coverage provided by Oldfields brushes. The bristles of the brushes are designed to hold the paint evenly and distribute it smoothly for flawless coverage. 

One customer enthuses: "I was amazed at how well my Oldfields brush worked. The coverage was even and I achieved the professional look I was aiming for." The ability of Oldfields brushes to provide flawless coverage and an even finish is a testament to their quality.

3. Comfort and ease of use

Painting can be labor-intensive, but Oldfields brushes make it more comfortable. Customers note the comfortable handles, which make long periods of time working with the brushes less tiring. 

"I've used a variety of brushes, but the ergonomic design of Oldfields brushes is really a game changer," said one delighted painter. The convenience and ease of use of Oldfields brushes greatly improves the painting experience."

4. Versatility and suitability for any project

Whether you're working on a small touch up or a large-scale project, Oldfields brushes consistently produce remarkable results. The versatility of these brushes is a constant theme in reviews. 

One professional artist noted, "I trust Oldfields brushes with all my projects, from intricate details to broad strokes. They never disappoint." 

5. Real reviews, real satisfaction

Our endorsement of Oldfields brushes is based on reviews and testimonials from customers who have experienced the exceptional quality and performance of these tools. The positive reviews of those who have used Oldfields brushes speak volumes. Real customer experience and satisfaction is the ultimate testament to the value of these brushes.

Shapes and types of Oldfields brushes

In the selection of task-specific brushes, Oldfields offers a range of brushes to choose from:

  • Oldfields Oval Paint Brush for Ceilings Doors and Walls

"The Oldfields wall and ceiling paint brush is awesome and I will definitely only be buying theirs. I can't praise them enough."

  • Oldfields Cutting in and Moulding Paintbrush 

"The cut and shape brush is a good brush, but the bristles were too fine for my liking. If you like the Proform Blaze then you would like it."

  • Windows, Cornices and Architrave Paintbrush

 "The window, cornice and trim brush is a really great thing for water-based paints like gloss."

These customer reviews give an idea of the benefits and qualities of Oldfields task-specific brushes.


Тhe question "Are Oldfields brushes any good?" can be answered in the affirmative, and our customers are living proof of that. These brushes offer durability, precision, ease of use and versatility that both professionals and DIY enthusiasts appreciate.

 If you strive for a flawless finish to your painting jobs, Oldfields brushes are a trusted choice. Don't take our word for it, feel the difference for yourself and join the growing community of satisfied Oldfields brush users. With Oldfields brushes, you can take your work to the next level and enjoy the superior results these tools consistently deliver.

Customers praise Oldfields brushes for their durability, precision, and ease of use. The bristles hold paint evenly and provide exceptional coverage, while the comfortable handles allow you to work for hours without fatigue. Oldfields brushes consistently deliver superior results, whether it's for small jobs or large-scale projects, making them an essential tool in any painter's arsenal. Don't just take our word for it - our satisfied customers attest to the exceptional quality and performance of Oldfields brushes. Choose Oldfields at Paintlab and feel the difference for yourself!

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