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BD Hand Sanding Kit

Blue Dolphin
€15.80 €13.20 incl. vat

High–Density Ergonomic Foam Sanding Tools

Blue Dolphin High-Density Ergonomic Foam Sanding Tools is a line of premium and unique hand-held blocks that are engineered with just the right amount of flex and firmness for project-perfect performance.

The Hand-Sanding Tool features a sturdy and comfortable design for the classic “Sanding Block”. Super performance for sanding compound, filler and spackle on drywall surfaces.

The Palm Sanding Tool is uniquely shaped to provide just the right control and workability. This tool is a versatile workhorse on walls, siding, trim, molding, and horizontal surfaces such as sills, stairs, flooring, and decking.

Sanding Tool Refill packs contain 10 pieces of various-grit papers or screens that quickly change out on each tool’s hook & loop surface.


  • Choose from 3 different ergonomic shapes
  • A range of grits for every project
  • Convenient refill packs keep things moving smooth
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BD Hand Sanding Kit
€13.20 incl. vat €10.73 excl. vat
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