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Oldfields Brushes: A Must-Have in Every Professional Painter's Toolkit

Oldfields Paint Brushes have earned a revered place in the hearts of professional painters worldwide. But what brushes do professional house painters use, and why do they choose Oldfields to paint with? Let's delve into the answers.

Established back in 1916, Oldfields has remained a trusted and iconic Australian brand for over 100 years. Historically specializing in the manufacture of high quality, handmade paint brushes, Oldfields now acts as an innovative marketer, importer and manufacturer of a range of products including scaffolding and painting supplies. With manufacturing facilities in Sydney, the company is focused on creating the highest quality products and implementing customer-driven growth strategies in both domestic and global markets.

A History of Pride - 100 Years of Exceptional Products

Their philosophy is specific - to provide superior painting tools designed for performance and exceptional results, backed by the appropriate customer service.

The ASX-listed Oldfields Holdings Limited organization remains committed to its impressive 100-year tradition of not compromising on quality, and looks forward to the next century of providing high quality products, relentless innovation and outstanding service to its customers.

Henry Oldfield, immigrating from Norwich, England, opened his business in Sydney in 1916, focusing on manufacturing brushes for professional house painter's to exacting standards. His passion for quality became the foundation of Oldfields.

The Craft of Painting

Painting is an art form, whether it involves interior or exterior renovations, beautifying walls, or carefully applying paint to windows and doors. Just like any house painter, the tools used by a painter significantly impact the quality of the finished piece. The brush is the painter's instrument, and Oldfields Paint Brushes stand out in this regard.

The Oldfields Advantage

Professional painters turn to Oldfields brushes for a variety of compelling reasons:

1. Unparalleled Quality

Oldfields brushes are renowned for their top-tier quality. Crafted with care and precision, they are constructed to withstand the rigorous demands of professional painting. The exceptional quality of materials ensures that these brushes endure, proving to be a cost-effective choice over time.

2. Precision and Control

Professional painters require absolute control over their work, and Oldfields brushes provide just that. With an array of brush types and sizes available, painters can achieve the level of precision required for their specific project, whether it involves detailed work or broad strokes.

3. Smooth Application

Oldfields paint brushes are designed to offer a smooth and uniform application of paint. This results in a polished and professional finish, a critical aspect when working on renovations, wall painting, or enhancing the look of windows and doors.

4. Durability

Professional painters often undertake extensive projects, and their brushes must withstand the test of time. Oldfields brushes are built to endure the daily grind, making them a dependable choice for painters who take their craft seriously.

5. Versatility

Oldfields offers a diverse range of brushes suitable for various painting techniques, surfaces, and paint types. Whether you're working on walls, windows, doors, or any other surface, Oldfields has a brush that meets your specific needs.

6. Reputation

Over the years, Oldfields has earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality brushes that consistently meet the expectations of professional painters. This trust in the brand makes Oldfields paint brushes an essential tool for many accomplished painters.

7. Consistency

Painters value the consistency of their tools. Oldfields Paint Brushes deliver unwavering performance, ensuring painters can replicate their technique and achieve the same high-quality results across a wide range of projects.

In conclusion, these brushes offer unrivaled quality, precision, control, and durability, making them an indispensable asset for painters who demand the best tools to bring their house painter vision to life. With a history steeped in craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence, Oldfields continues to be the top choice for painters worldwide.

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