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Exterior Front Door Painting: A DIY Makeover

Your front door is the first thing people notice.

And, if yours is looking a bit tired, it might need a makeover!

With the right tools and techniques, you can refine your exterior door in just 2 days.

In this guide, we’ll help you paint your front door step-by-step.

Paint Your Door in Just 2 Days
Imagine this: a front door that doesn't just look fabulous, but also stands guard against inclement weather.

Sure, that splash of colour can make it pop and look pretty, but there's more to it!

That fresh layer of paint is like a protective hug for your door. It keeps away unwanted moisture, which, left unchecked, can warp your door, or worse, cause rot.

Recommended: Front Door Painting Kit By Tikkurila
For the best results, we highly recommend our comprehensive Front Door Painting Kit by Tikkurila.

It's packed with everything you'll need for the job – from top-notch brushes to that perfect shade of paint and primer.

No more running around gathering supplies – we've got you covered. Expect pro-level results without the fuss. A huge time-saver!

The Process – How to Paint a Front Door
To achieve great results, we'll have to get our hands a little dirty (but not too much, promise!). Roll up your sleeves and get started.

Step 1: Remove and Clean
Start by removing any hardware like letter boxes or numerals; or, you could mask them at a later stage.

Clean your door with a mixture of half Barrettine Methylated Spirits and half water, especially focusing on grooved areas where dirt might accumulate.

Give your door a good scrub. Trust us; paint loves a clean surface!

Step 2: Sanding
Sand your door to ensure the paint adheres well. Start with Blue Dolphin P100 grit, especially if your door is quite worn, and finish with P120 grit for a refined touch.

Step 3: Repair Any Damage
Fill in any cracks or holes with Ready Mixed Wood Filler (we didn’t include this in the set, as many doors don’t need repair). Once the filler dries, sand the area to level it with the rest of the door.

Step 4: Prep and Mask
Wipe away any residue from the sanding with a Prep Tack Cloth. Next, mask off any glass or hardware that remains, using Blue Dolphin Premium Washi Tape.

Then, cover the surrounding areas with Paint Lab Pre-taped Masking Paper. This will guard against any paint splatter or accidental drips.

Step 5: Apply Primer
Pour the Otex Primer into a tray. With the Staalmeester Round Paint Brush, cut in a coat of primer to the detailed or grooved areas.

Then, use the Staalmeester Mini Paint Roller to apply primer to the broader parts of the door.

Afterwards, wash your tools with Paragon White Spirits, and then with warm soapy water. Let the primer dry overnight.

Step 6: Light Sanding
To get a flawless finish, give the door a light sanding with the P180 grit sanding sponge. After, clean the door again with a tack cloth to ensure it’s free of dust.

Step 7: Paint
Then, apply the first coat of paint using Tikkurila Unica Semi Gloss Enamel Paint.

Once the first coat is completely dry, lightly sand the door again using the P180 grit sanding pad and wipe with a tack cloth.

Then, apply a second coat of paint.

Note: Some light colours (like white or beige) may require a third coat for an even, vibrant finish.

Step 8: Final Touches
Once the second coat is dry, you can begin removing the masking. Carefully peel off any tape or protective covers, making sure not to damage the freshly painted surface.

Reattach any hardware you may have removed before painting, such as handles, knobs, or locks.

Step back and admire your work! Enjoy the fresh, new look of your door.

Choosing the Right Paint
Consider the overall color scheme of your home. Your choice of color can make a statement about you.

Color Selection
Do you want the door to stand out with a bold color, or blend in with a more muted tone?

Paint Type
Not all paints are created equal. Choose paints designed for exterior use.

The Tikkurila Paint included in the kit is formulated specifically for exterior doors, offering durability and a beautiful finish.

Also, we offer colour mixing, call us at (057) 850 9912.

A Result that Will Satisfy You
The transformation can be astonishing, breathing new life into your home’s entrance and boosting curb appeal.

FAQ About Exterior Door Paint

Q1: Can you use just any paint for the front door?
No, it's best to use paint formulated for exterior doors to ensure longevity and weather resistance.

Q2: Do I need to sand the exterior door before painting?
Yes, sanding helps the paint adhere better and gives a smoother finish.

Q3: Should the front door be painted with exterior paint?
Absolutely. Exterior paints are formulated to withstand weather conditions and prevent fading.

Q4: Is acrylic paint good for the front door?
Acrylic paint can be used if it's formulated for exterior surfaces. However, ensure it provides UV protection and is weather-resistant.

Q5: Which paint is best for an exterior door?
We recommend Tikkurila Unica Semi Gloss Enamel Paint for its durability and finish.

Q6: How to paint a front door without removing it?
Clean and prep the door. Mask off areas you don't want painted, then follow standard painting processes. Follow the guide above to learn how paint exterior door.

Q7: How much paint for a front door is needed?
Typically, a quart suffices for a standard door. However, always keep a little extra on hand.
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