Petersons Paragon White Spirits
Petersons paragon white spirit, ideally used as paint thinner and as a brush and equipment cleaner. Petroleum solvent, ideal as a thinner for paint Also used as a brush and equipment cleaner
from €3,01
Bartoline Methylated Spirit 5L
€28,86 inc VAT: €35,50
Bartoline Methylated Spirit 5L
Bartoline Methylated Spirit is traditionally used as a fuel for alcohol burners, fondues and camping stoves. This product is completely denatured alcohol and should not be confused with industrial denatured alcohol or trade specific denatured alcohol in accordance with The...
Barrettine Mineralised Methylated Spirit 500ml
€4,60 inc VAT: €5,66
Barrettine Mineralised Methylated Spirit 500ml
For thinning French polish, cleaning brushes after knotting, cleaning glassware and more. Can be used as a fuel in certain lamps. (Always check lamp instructions before use). Size: 500ml
Barrettine Cellulose Thinners 500ml
€7,64 inc VAT: €9,40
Barrettine Cellulose Thinners 500ml
A blend of solvents to mix with cellulose based paints and varnishes to alter the viscosity for brushing or spraying. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for mixing ratio of paint to thinner and test the finish before mixing large...
Tetrosyl Standard Thinners 5L
€16,99 inc VAT: €20,90
Tetrosyl Standard Thinners 5L
5 Litre Standard thinners solvent for use with cellulose paints. It offers good drying times and is faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners. Suitable for thinning, removal of cellulose paints and cleaning of equipment.
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