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TFB 4" Mini Paint Roller Frame with 5mm & 10mm Microfibre Sleeve

€17.40 incl. vat
Featuring a stylish wooden handle crafted for optimal comfort, our mini-roller frame swaps plastic for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly black finished frame. Comes with 2 Mini rollers.
This roller frame comes complete with a wooden handle made to optimise your comfort. Our mini-roller frame swaps plastic for a more sustainable solution in the form of a black finished frame. Not only that, but it comes with 2 Mini rollers so you’re never left empty-handed on the job.

One of our most recent releases, eco friendly and ergonomically designed, the frame is crafted to meet our rigorous standards. These mini rollers have the manoeuvrability necessary to spin freely – making your next paint job quick and easy.

Our 5mm-nap microfibre mini rollers are an essential tool for transforming your kitchen units, window frames, and door frames — anything on the smaller side that requires a spray-like finish. The shortest nap in our mini-roller range, the 5mm is gaining traction among upcyclers and respected furniture painters like HPKUK. Our rollers go to show, you can achieve a flawless finish without a spray gun. These 5mm rollers are perfect for low-cost renovations within the home.

The 10mm-nap roller holds an impressive amount of pain, washes out easily, and is great for taking on cut walls and ceilings when paired with our 10mm-nap big rollers – which will give you the uniform finish of your dreams. Perfect for coating radiators, exterior weatherboards, and previously painted surfaces; say goodbye to tiresome pain lay-offs.

Comes with 1 x 5mm Smooth and 1 x 10mm Semi Smooth mini rollers
Designed with ergonomics top of mind.
Length: 130mm | 5/1″
Core: 6mm | 3/4”
Size: 100mm | 4”
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TFB 4" Mini Paint Roller Frame with 5mm & 10mm Microfibre Sleeve
€17.40 incl. vat €14.15 excl. vat
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