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Osmo Flat Sash Oil Brushes

€7.50 incl. vat
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Suitable for the application of Osmo Hardwax Oils. Ideal for DIY and professional use.
  1. A high quality soft tip brush for the application of wood oils
  2. Ideal for both professional and DIY use
  3. Flat, straight edge construction, perfect for corners and edging
  4. Ergonomic wooden handle for comfort and durability
  5. Sturdy metal bristle brace reduces bristle loss during application
  6. Bristles are made from a high quality synthetic mix for a perfect finish every time
The Osmo Soft Tip Brush is ideal for applying the range of Osmo wood oils. This product can also be found as part of the Osmo Premium Roller and Brush Set and the Osmo Decking Brush Set.
As a general rule, we recommend that surfaces should be clean and dry, and that all traces of dust and dirt be removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner before applying a wood finish. The necessity of sanding and removing previous finishes from the surface to be worked on will depend on the oil, wax or varnish used (see product instructions for guidance on this).
Simply dip your Osmo Soft Tip Brush into the oil or other product you are using, being careful not to overfill it, then brush evenly along the wood grain. Any surplus should be removed immediately with a microfibre cloth. Apply second coat of oil with the Osmo Oil Finish Application Fleece and remove excess.
Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner has been designed specifically for cleaning brushes which have been used to apply Osmo wood oils. SIZES 25mm (1"), 50mm (2"), 60mm (2 1/2"), 80mm (3 1/8"), 100mm (4") RECOMMENDED USE Interior and exterior surfaces
Size: 1'' (25mm), 2 1/2" (60mm), 2'' (50mm), 4'' (100mm)
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Osmo Flat Sash Oil Brushes
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