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Tikkurila Multistop Stain Blocking Water Based Primer

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TVT G490 Prince
TVT G497 Painter's white
TVT G500 Bungalow
TVT G503 Calla
TVT H300 Lemonade
TVT H303 Joy
TVT H320 Magnolia
TVT H353 Forget me not
TVT H392 Butter milk
TVT H395 Cornfield
TVT H398 Oats
TVT H405 Doll
TVT H417 Mezeron
TVT H440 Wave
TVT H441 Trade wind
TVT H450 Repose
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TVT H459 Chai
TVT H462 Weekend
TVT H466 Angora
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TVT H484 Mulberry
TVT H487 Pumice
TVT H495 Tuft
TVT H497 Kaolin
TVT J302 Banana
TVT J354 Daydream
TVT J356 Sky
TVT J367 Mosaic
TVT J392 Wax
TVT J398 Honeycomb
TVT J402 Aurora
TVT J407 Siesta
TVT J426 Lilac
TVT J428 Panorama
TVT J442 Menthol
TVT J446 Flannel
TVT J457 Zen
TVT J462 Gold Ore
TVT J484 Castle
TVT J490 Rain
TVT J496 Shadow
TVT J503 Ice Rose
TVT K319 Flamingo
TVT K480 Tamarix
TVT K481 Amulet
TVT K484 Granulite
TVT K487 Calcite
TVT K497 Atlas
TVT K498 Haven
TVT K499 Granite
TVT K503 Palace
TVT L498 Homespun
TVT L503 Snowdrift
TVT M497 Ash
TVT N388 Wasabi
TVT N500 Agate
TVT S427 Charm
TVT S503 Arctic Fox
TVT V384 Canal
TVT V386 Nile
TVT V419 Pirouette
TVT V423 Oleander
TVT V431 Sandman
TVT V447 Serpentine
TVT V449 Jade
TVT V451 Olive grove
TVT V463 Desert
TVT V466 Lama
TVT V481 Shantung
TVT V484 Driftwood
TVT V486 Claystone
TVT V487 Cloister
TVT V503 Winter
TVT X337 Peony
TVT X344 Minuet
TVT X348 Ladylike
TVT X370 Tiffany
TVT X381 Aloe
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TVT X394 Expance
TVT X395 Regulus
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TVT X420 Maiden
TVT X438 Secret
TVT X442 Spa
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TVT X454 Rice
TVT X457 Apatite
TVT X459 Dream
TVT X462 Chip
TVT X463 Sandstone
TVT X477 Empress
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TVT X486 Median
TVT X487 Plaster
TVT Y308 Eggnog
TVT Y319 Apple Blossom
TVT Y335 Bubble Gum
TVT Y344 Violet
TVT Y348 Antarctic
TVT Y354 Cumulus
TVT Y383 Cucumber
TVT Y392 Papyrus
TVT Y399 Cashew
TVT Y406 Riviera
TVT Y411 Milkshake
TVT Y435 Glacier
TVT Y456 Coconut
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Multistop is a water-based blocking primer for reducing the discolouration caused by the migration of wood oils, resin and tannin. Suitable as a primer and intermediate coat for both untreated and previously painted or varnished (with the exception of certain parquet lacquers), new or old wood surfaces in dry interior premises.

Coverage per litre (m2/l) - 7
Surface Type - Wood
Brands - Tikkurila
Interior/Exterior - Interior
Waterbased or Solventbased - Water Based
Coverage7 m²/l (apply at least 260 g/m²)
Single/Two Pack - Single Pack
Gloss LevelMatt (6-10%)
Minimum ContentMinimum contents are the can size less 10%
Recoat TimeRecoatable the following day.
Touch DryApprox. 1 hour
Product Ecolabels - M1

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Customer Reviews

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Tikkurila Multistop Stain Blocking Water Based Primer
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