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Nerpel Pre-Taped Floor Protection Masking Paper 90cm x 45m

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Twin pre-taped HIDROSTOP Paper.

1st quality, water repellent kraft paper rolled and rewound altogether, with 2 stripes of
bodywork solvent extra masking tape, for masking and covering quick and easily floors and
other surfaces.
 High mechanical performance strong and water strength treated Paper: Virgin pulp
(100% natural), 1st quality Kraft paper. Production process according to PEFC norm; for
a Sustainable Forest Management.
 With extra, solvent, automotive quality masking tape, continuously already incorporated
on both opposite ends for a quicker and easier application.

71 in stock

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Protection of surfaces from agents like powder, general dust and paint drops.
Masking and protecting floors and other wide surfaces (preferably horizontal) on their
preparation prior to painting jobs.
As far as the masking tape is already incorporated being its adhesive side outwards, it’s
application is very easy and quickly made: it’s just placing the roll on the floor, extending it
kicking it with the foot and fixing it just stepping over it.

FEATURES (use tests)
1- Easy and quick application:
* Unroll while kicking with the foot.
* Replace if necessary; the tape doesn’t get definitely stuck until step over it.
* Step over it and leave it fixed; Save effort, time and money.
2- Strong water-resistant quality; “glass of water test”:
* Having the product placed, pour a glass of water over it; step over it and check its
* Wait until it’s dry or even help drying with cloth and check how it keeps its features.

Masking tape for painting purposes on construction, refurbishing, industrial and car-repair
applications when temperature does not exceed 80°C.
Backing: 59 g/m2 natural white saturated crepe paper
Adhesive: Natural rubber and resins solvent based
Total thickness: 0.125 mm.
Adhesion to steel: 4.8 N/25 mm.
Tensile strength MD: 87.5 N/25 mm.
Elongation at break: 8.5 %
Temp. Resistance: 80°C (30 min.)
– Well adaptable and good adhesion even on irregular surfaces.
– Heat resistant up to 80°C ( 30 minutes).
– Easy removal without breaking and no adhesive residues left.
– Saturated paper backing.
– Compatible with most common paints and lacquers.
– Hand tearable.

** This product respects the environment and its RECYCLABLE:
In addition to being 100% recyclable ,
This type of Hidrostop®

paper has the guarantee of the PEFC certification “For a

sustainable forest management”.

• 90 cm. wide commercial rolls (optimized measure for corridors).
• Standard lengths: 20 and 45 m.
It is recommended to store the product in a cool and dry place, away from direct
sunlight to avoid its denaturation.


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