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Blue Dolphin ACRYLIC 4″ Super-Smooth Jumbo Mini Roller Sleeve (Pack of 2)

3.66 inc VAT: 4.50

JUMBO mini


Blue Dolphin Acrylic Jumbo Mini 330 series is a paint roller made of innovative acrylic material, which is designed for painting super smooth surfaces such as: plastic, metal, aluminum. Its advantage is also the uncomplicated mounting. Even after repeated use, it retains its original fluffiness.


Advantages of the Acrylic Jumbo Mini 10 cm / 6 mm paint roller:

  • It rolls very well – it does not slip while painting
  • It can be used for all types of paints: acrylics, latex, oil, both with a matte and gloss effect
  • Leaves no bristles
  • Greater absorption and better paint rendering
  • It does not have a complicated internal fastening system
  • High-tech innovative sheathing
  • Strong polypropylene tube resistant to solvents
  • Retains its original fluffiness when used many times


  • Surfaces: super smooth

Technical data:

  • Roller width: 4′ (10 cm)
  • Bristle length: 6 mm

Why Should I Use Blue Dolphin Series 330 Paint Rollers

Polish production – Japanese quality
Uniform single coverage – savings on paint
Adopts and reflects all the advantages of paint – increases the durability of painting

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