Spray Tip Extension with RAC-X Guard

€90.09 incl. vat
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These Graco Tip Extensions will increase the comfort, speed and productivity that you need to paint hard-to-reach areas. By using a tip extension you'll create less overspray as you won't be over reaching, if there's less overspray your not wasting paint; less waste = more profit for you - Don't struggle, have the right tool for the right job!

You can choose from 4 different lengths 25, 40, 50 or 75cm and select either the RAC 5 Guard (Orange) or the RAC X Guard (Blue). Spray tips are not included.

These extensions can be used with all Graco airless spray guns (apart from Graco Ultra Max Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayers) and other makes that have the compatible 7/8"x14 UNF threaded head. Please feel free to contact our sales team for advice.

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Spray Tip Extension with RAC-X Guard
€90.09 incl. vat €73.24 excl. vat
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€116.59 incl. vat €94.79 excl. vat
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