Pre Folded Masking Film Rolls (Trade Bulk)

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  • Special protection treatment against overspray and flaking
  • Prevents liquids and paint bleeding
  • Static cling allows safe placing even in windy conditions
  • Ideal for spray painting and multi-coat paint applications


Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film is a resistant masking film with a special treatment to protect surfaces from paint overspray and flacking.

Thanks to its static cling, the film adheres easily and steadily on the surfaces and stays in place during paint spraying and in windy conditions.

This product is ideal for multi-coat paint applications because it avoids re-masking operations and prevents liquids and paint bleed-through, saving time and money.

Q1 Pre Folded Masking Film is best suited to Q1 Masking Tapes and is fully compatible with the most common hand masker machines on the market.

Storage & Handling
Q1® Premium Masking Solutions must be stored in a dry location, protected from direct sunlight exposure and from freezing. Storage temperatures should be as close as possible to room temperature; suggested storage temperature should range from 59°F / 15°C to 77°F / 25°C with max. relative humidity of 50%. Do not store tapes and related products in the paint booth during bake cycles. Make sure the surface you wish to place the tape on is cleaned, dried and free from oil and dust. It is suggested not to apply the tape with temperatures lower than 50°F / 10°C. With a storage temperature lower than 50°F / 10°C, it is always suggested temperature reconditioning of the tape at room temperature (79°F / 15°C – 59°F / 25° C) before its use. We always recommend testing material in relation to the required applications.

Shelf life from date of manufacture
No yellowing and < 10% loss in performance at 73.4°F / 23 °C, 50″% humidity is considered 12 months Q1® Premium Masking Solutions does not take responsibility for the defective material if is not stored and used in accordance with the conditions listed above.

Technical Information Disclaimer
The technical information, suggestions and other statements contained in this
documents have been compiled for your guidance and usage. Information is based on experience and tests that Q1 Premium Masking Solutions believe are reliable.
The accuracy or completeness of such information is not guaranteed. Q1 Premium Masking Solutions has no control about conditions in which products are used, stores or handles. The above information doesn’t constitute a warranty.

Product Use
Q1 would advise that there are many factors beyond Q1 control but within the users knowledge that can affect the use and performance of Q1 products. Q1 remind the user of the products to make sure that its range is used as per the instructions printed above. It is the users sole responsibility to determine that all preparation has been correctly carried out and that the working conditions are as per Q1 literature.

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