Osmo Natural Oil Exterior Wood Stain
INNOVATIVE AND DURABLE PROTECTION Base and top coat in one finish Fast drying Natural wood grain remains visible Extremely weather and UV resistant Very water and dirt resistant Resistant against algae, mould, mildew and fungal attack Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage...
from €3.05 excl. VAT €2.48 incl. VAT
Osmo Wood Decking Oil
MEETING THE DEMANDS OF WOODEN DECKING Natural wood character remains visible Safe for humans, animals and plants once dry Highly water and dirt resistant Breathable therefore reducing water logging, swelling and shrinkage Microporous, penetrating finish which does not crack, peel...
€101.84 from €3.05
Tikkurila Otex Solvent-Based Adhesion Primer
Otex This special primer is designed to stick to and seal previously unpainted wood, metal, ceramic tiles, melamine, PVC, glass, MDF, and previously painted surfaces.  When you use this primer you are guaranteed optimum adhesion (once your surface is clean...
from €37.79 excl. VAT €30.72 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Pika-Teho Acrylic Moisture Regulating Exterior Wood Paint
Why you should choose Pika-Teho? Good adhesion Oil-modified matt paint for wooden houses adheres well to new, factory-primed surfaces as well as previously painted surfaces. The paint makes deep contact with the wood. Good colour durability Pika-Teho house paint contains high-quality...
from €35.49 excl. VAT €28.85 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Valtti Exterior Wood Oil
Multi-purpose, solvent-based oil for exterior wooden furniture, stairs and decking. Tintable to a wide range of colours Valtti Wood Oil wood oil provides weather protection and colour for new and previously oiled wooden furniture, decking, weatherboard and cladding. Valtti Wood Oil is...
from €27.62 excl. VAT €22.46 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Finngard Silicone Protect Masonry Paint
Finngard Silicone Protect is Tikkurila’s full-matt, water-based exterior coating. This paint is highly resistant to fungi, moulds and algae! It has low water absorption properties allowing water to evaporate from the surface making it perfect for the Irish climate. Highly...
from €10.49 excl. VAT €8.53 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Unica Semi Gloss Enamel Paint
A solvent-based alkyd enamel paint for wood and metal in a semi-gloss, hard-wearing finish Semi-gloss, solvent-based enamel for metal, wood and other composite surfaces. Unica Semi-Gloss Enamel offers high levels of durability and impact resistance. For interior and exterior painting...
from €31.49 excl. VAT €25.60 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Valtti Opaque Exterior Wood & Masonry Paint
Valtti Opaque Valtti Opaque is Tikkurila’s premium water-based paint for log cabins and masonry surfaces This highly flexible coating will not crack, peel or blister.  It is designed to withstand weathering and UV rays and stands up to even the...
from €77.70 excl. VAT €63.17 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Unica Akva Acrylic Exterior & Interior Paint
A water-based, durable acrylic paint for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces Unica Akva is a semi-gloss water-based acrylic metal and wood paint. Unica Akva offers high levels of durability and impact resistance for timber surfaces. Unica Akva is suitable for both...
from €36.75 excl. VAT €29.88 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Panssari Akva Metal and UPVC Paint
Water-based, semi-matt, acrylic paint for use on cladding, sheet metal and other factory finished surfaces. Panssari Akva offers superb weather resistance, colour stability, film flexibility and an extremely durable finish which protects against attack from chemical and biological erosion. Due...
from €34.65 excl. VAT €28.17 incl. VAT
Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil Exterior Clear 2.5L
FOR EXTERIOR STONE AND TERRACOTTA SURFACES Unique oil combination Protection against dirt and abrasion Highly water repellent Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister Ideal for terracotta, granite, limestone and slate SURFACE PREPARATION The surface must...
€98.69 excl. VAT €80.24 incl. VAT
Osmo WR Base Undercoat 4001 Clear 2.5L
€91.88 incl. VAT
Osmo WR Base Undercoat 4001 Clear 2.5L
EVEN MORE PROTECTION Extremely water repellent Resistant to blue stain, rot and insect attack Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage No future application necessary SURFACE PREPARATION Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 20%). Osmo WR Base...
€91.88 excl. VAT €74.70 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Oljypohja Exterior Wood Oil Primer
Matt, solvent-based primer for the treatment of bare, brittle and weathered exterior wood. Oljypohja is an alkyd microporous wood primer suitable for application to new and previously painted timber prior to overcoating with Tikkurila topcoats. Oljypohja is fully tintable to...
from €24.14 excl. VAT €19.63 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Unica Super 20 Urethane Lacquer
Semi-matt urethane alkyd lacquer for interior and exterior wood. Tintable to a wide range of colours Tintable Urethane Alkyd LacquerExceptionally hard wearing urethane alkyd lacquer suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications - furniture, floors, boats and...
from €28.34 excl. VAT €23.04 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Miranol Ultra High Gloss Paint
Ultra high gloss, traditional paint for exterior doors, windows and furniture. Impact-resistant. Single pack, solvent-based, high-gloss enamel. Miranol is an interior and exterior metal and wood paint with mild odour. Miranol is a traditional material particularly suitable for renovation projects....
from €33.59 excl. VAT €27.31 incl. VAT
Tikkurila Finngard Exterior Uni Primer
Finngard Exterior Uni Primer - Improves adhesion and colour consistency. Waterborne, acrylic primer paint for facade – strengthens the structure of the substrate, reduces and evens absorbency, unifies colors, improves adhesion of the topcoat facade paint For Interior or Exterior...
from €45.14 excl. VAT €36.70 incl. VAT
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